Pabrik Maklon Herbal Almanar Herbafit

Manufacturer of herbal drinks for menstruation || AlmanarHerbafit is ready to be your herbal production from Singapore

Herbal drinks are one of the main choices for a healthy body as well as herbal drink for menstruation. The ingredients are made from natural ingredients and spices that are healthy and warm the body. So, you can continue to maintain a healthy body with herbal drinks from nature.

Want to do a contemporary herbal drink business with a large turnover, of course you need quality products? Almanar is a toll for the production of various types of herbal medicines, ranging from:

  • herbal capsules
    Beverage (internal medicine liquid)
  • Herbal tea
  • Herbal powder sachet
  • Tablets (blister)

Various kinds of herbal drinks are trusted and proven to be able to reduce to cure the disease you are experiencing regularly and consistently.Maklon herbal almanarherbafit is dedicated to creating safe and quality products. So we try to carry out every stage of production guided by the Traditional Medicine Manufacturing Method (CPOTB) that has been set by the government. in this case the Indonesian POM. One of the business fields that we do is Almanar Herbafit accepts cooperation in the form of tolling herbal products.

We take care of herbal products until the Pom Permit. TR & Producing Products that have been Licensed by Pom. the TR

For entrepreneurs who are engaged in the world of herbs, but cannot produce them themselves because they do not have a traditional medicine industry permit, then we provide convenience to you, so that you can continue to carry out your business activities without worrying about production. Join us to create your flagship product.

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